2 artist from Sanford Fl

Ju & Gbaby STR 4 what we stand on. We come from poverty we just want to get our message out through our music. STR stands for Struggle To Riches 

Julian -22

Geraldo -21

We started are senior at Lyman 2016‼️ It was a connection on how we started just we always had that respect for each other we have been throwing the same thing in our lives. We do it to get out of poverty however negative situations always occurring. We want to live a life that we deserve‼️ Honestly, we don’t have role models we only look up to are single mothers that took care of us by themselves self so we are trying to put them a position where they can live a better life❤️‼️

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  1. Letaja says:

    Keep It Up Guys ???? Love You Brother!?

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