Name: Gabe

Age ‘: 23

Rap Name: 407Snowman

Born: Wilmington, DE. Raised throughout central Florida, Baltimore, Philly, grew up in different places my whole life. An Orange County resident for 7 years. 407!!!

Thinking back on my short time on this earth, I write this in the reflection of the numerous obstacles I faced to reach the path chasing my dream. I come labeled with the story of an average dropout, kicked out at 17, due to smoking amongst other drugs. I spent half of my senior year homeless and never received a handout, barely graduated to get my diploma while working a full-time night shift. Ground and learned a lot about the game and survival. Did A LOT to survive(that, I’ll only elaborate in my music). I still felt like I was searching for answers, and what my purpose was. Then at 19, I found out I’d have a child. A responsibility id soon learns I was destined for, like other things. This made me want to take life serious and be a provider, make decent money( not illegal). My son is my life’s dedication, However, I spent the last two years torn away from him in a brutal custody battle, that I just ended up winning. My life is a culmination of these major events but even more of a representation of who I am as a person. I’ve never been given a chance. Most told me to stop rapping. It wasn’t serious and I’d never be taken seriously enough to make a living. I couldn’t capture anyone’s imagination, I couldn’t hold an audience. To them, I say, watch me. I’ve fallen. I’ve fucked up. I’ve regrouped. I’ve recalculated. Reenergized. I am the living embodiment of what you can be capable of If you seize the destiny God has for you. No matter the ups or downs. I’m here to stay. And ima make you feel every bar, every note. This is my life. I want to give a voice to the voiceless. Growing up mixed in this world gives you a unique perspective of the rap game and I want to show that side of both cultures the other has never seen. I want to inspire people to become the true versions of themselves regardless of what society wants for them. 

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