My name is Bruce lewis aka swavey born in oak park Illinois. I’m African American and Puerto Rican

Started writing at a young age heavily influenced by Pac J Cole Kendrick drake mos def and so many more
J cole probably being my biggest influence being so conscious yet was drawn to Kendrick the more radical activist I would say. I try to focus on subject matter wordplay as well as bar play if you will
Honestly to be An independent is every artist’s dream and to be apart of a collective like YY which allows you to network freely and allows you to work with so many different artist creators producers photographers etc….. is a blessing and especially when the mutual goal is to ultimately give back.

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  1. Zenaida Almodovar says:

    Good luck. Titi Zenaida will always pray for your dreams to be accomplished and fulfilled. God’s blessings. Congratulations!

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